2020-21 Performance Summaries

F.I.R.S.T., State, 3rd Party and HFG Trials

Hi Fidelity Genetics' Non-GMO corn hybrids performed extremely well across a wide range of environments in 2020.  We are proud to present the results of our performance trials for growers to showcase how our hybrids can best fit their operational needs.  Please contact us at (515) 434-7333 or info@hifidelitygenetics.com with any questions regarding the trial results or any of our products.

Delaware Trial Summaries

DE 3PT Smyrna

Delaware 3rd Party Trials - Smyrna

Illinois Trial Summaries

IL State Trials North

Illinois State Trials - North

IL State Trials West Central

Illinois State Trials - West Central

IL State Trials South

Illinois State Trials - South

Indiana Trial Summaries

IN 3PT North

Indiana 3rd Party Trials - North


Indiana 3rd Party Trials - Northeast

IN 3PT South

Indiana 3rd Party Trials - South
(110-115 RM)

Iowa Trial Summaries


Iowa Crop Performance Tests - North

IA FIRST Trials N Central

Iowa F.I.R.S.T Trials - North Central


Iowa F.I.R.S.T Trials - Northwest


Iowa Crop Performance Tests - South

Kansas Trial Summaries

KS HFG Trials

Kansas HFG Trials

Maryland Trial Summaries

MD 3PT Concord

Maryland 3rd Party Trials - Concord

Minnesota Trial Summaries

MN State Trials Central

Minnesota State Trials - Central

MN 3PT W Central

Minnesota 3rd Party Trials - West Central

MN FIRST Trials South

Minneosta F.I.R.S.T Trials - South

MN First Trials Southeast

Minnesota F.I.R.S.T Trials - Southeast

MN State Trials South

Minnesota State Trials - South

Missouri Trial Summaries

MO State Trials North

Missouri State Trials - North

MO State Trials Central

Missouri State Trials - Central

Nebraska Trial Summaries

Nebraska State Trial Results_2020-Clay-County-Irrigated-Corn-SVT (1)_Page_1 (1)

Nebraska State Trials - Clay County

New York Trial Summaries

NY 3PT West-Mid

New York 3rd Party Trials - West-Mid

North Carolina Trial Summaries

NC 3PT - Wallace

N. Carolina 3rd Party Trials - Wallace

Ohio Trial Summaries

OH 3PT West

Ohio 3rd Party Trials - West

Pennsylvania Trial Summaries

PA 3PT Southeast

Pennsylvania 3rd Party Trials - Southeast

Tennessee Trial Summaries

TN 3PT - Gleason

Tennessee 3rd Party Trials - Gleason

Wisconsin Trial Summaries

WI State Trials S Central

Wisconsin State Trials - South Central