Hi Fidelity Genetics is dedicated
to improving seed ROI
for growers.

Hi Fidelity Genetics is focused on selling the best value,
hi-performance genetics, in the industry.

Our Story

Hi Fidelity Genetics was founded in 2014 by two Ph.D. plant geneticists, Philip Benfey and Spencer Maughan, who saw flatlining performance and increasing seed costs as a growing problem. HFG believes that new technologies, such as machine learning and data science, will open new windows of performance and bring with it an opportunity to disrupt the product landscape in the seed industry.

HFG began with an idea-- what if we got back to basics? Instead of focusing on GM traits and brute force trial and error, we'd focus on new technologies, creating new data that we could combine with traditional data to rationally build performance. This approach allows us to find new agronomic traits and it streamlines and speeds up breeding so that improved genetics can be created faster and more cheaply. Simply put, we’d do classic plant breeding in a new way, backed by massive amounts of data, and pass savings on to customers. To do this we have brought together a pioneering team with decades of experience in plant breeding, genetics, and data science ensuring a high quality product that you can depend on.

Our Products

Hi Fidelity Genetics offers several non-GM hybrids with CRM from 80 - 118 days. These products represent a combination of proprietary germplasm and leading industry sources. These combinations have been created to serve the needs of our customers.


(80-95 RM)

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(100-110 RM)

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(111-118 RM)

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