Limited Warranty & Use of Seed

Limited Warranty

The seller gives no warranty, express or implied, as to the productiveness, yield, or quality, of any seeds sold, and will not be in any way responsible for the crop. Performance of the product may vary by location, year of growth, soil conditions, weather conditions, pest population, and agricultural practices. The buyer hereby expressly agrees and acknowledges that Hi Fidelity Genetics’ liability to the buyer and/or others for any loss in all instances, is limited to the purchase price of the seed regardless of the nature, cause or extent of the loss. By acceptance of this seed or opening this package, the buyer accepts the terms herein. If the buyer does not agree with these terms and conditions, the buyer must return the unopened seed package to Hi Fidelity Genetics within 60 days of receipt and the buyer’s sole remedy shall be for refund of the buyer’s original purchase price. Hi Fidelity Genetics may modify and amend these terms and conditions without notice and in its sole discretion. As a condition to any liability by Hi Fidelity Genetics, Hi Fidelity Genetics must receive notice by registered mail of any claim that the seed is defective 30 days after the defect in the seed becomes apparent. Except as expressly prohibited by law, buyer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any claim or defect relating to the seed shall be limited to a refund of the price charged for the seed or replacement of the seed (in Hi Fidelity Genetics’ sole discretion).

Use of Seed

The only permissible use of this seed product is for the production of a single crop for food, feed or processing, except as otherwise allowed by Hi Fidelity Genetics. All other uses of the seed or crop produced from the seed are strictly prohibited. The purchase of this seed includes a limited license to produce a single corn crop. User agrees not to conduct or allow any of the following on this seed or crop produced from this seed: breeding, any genetic testing, propagation, seed multiplication, production or development of a different variety of seed, or research. Any export of this seed or its progeny from the country of purchase is strictly prohibited. The buyer agrees and acknowledges that any use of the seed which is prohibited will constitute a misappropriation of the property of Hi Fidelity Genetics. The buyer agrees that Hi Fidelity Genetics may bring an action to recover damages as a result of this misappropriation, along with reasonable attorney fees and costs associated with any action commenced in regard thereto.