Our Story

Hi Fidelity Genetics is dedicated to delivering
the best ROI on high quality seed.

Hi Fidelity Genetics’ broader mission is to support the economic health
of rural communities by offering outstanding plant performance
through improving root growth.


Hi Fidelity Genetics was founded in 2014 by two Ph.D. plant geneticists, Philip Benfey and Spencer Maughan, who saw high seed costs with large margins as an opportunity to disrupt the industry by using advanced genomics and machine learning combined with a deep understanding of root biology.

It began with an idea-- what if we got back to basics? Instead of focusing on GM traits, we'd focus on improving the quality and performance of the seed. We’d combine plant breeding expertise, with massive amounts of data and an understanding of how roots affect crop performance. Leveraging data, we can reduce R&D costs and ultimately deliver a better product for less.

Our team brings together farming legacies with decades of experience in plant breeding, genetics, root biology and data science to focus on an entirely new area of research for corn: optimizing root growth to increase yield. Strong roots grow strong plants, and Hi Fidelity Genetics has developed root monitoring technology to identify hybrids that offer best-in-class performance under stress.


Hi Fidelity Genetics offers several non-GM hybrids with CRM from 85 - 118 days. These products represent a combination of proprietary germplasm and leading industry sources. These combinations have been created to serve the needs of our customers.