Plant breeding is analog. We are making it digital.

Hi Fidelity Genetics is using large morphologic, genomic and environmental datasets to change the breeding paradigm from a brute force numbers game to a predictive, precision data science.

Novel data fuels our technology.

At HFG we love data and we are always collecting it. Early on we realized that the largest negative yield influences have been weather related, often tied to water availability. Roots are how plants capture water but they have long been an example of “out of sight, out of mind” for breeders. At HFG we have created the RootTracker™, the first scalable sensor for mapping roots in-field, and we’ve amassed the world’s largest remote sensing root data set. The RootTracker™ is just one of many approaches we use to create huge proprietary data sets for computational breeding.

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AI and predictive data science drive our technology.

HFG is collecting and screening trillions of data combinations on our proprietary corn plants which is fed into our advanced data science platform, Luther, to rapidly create optimized hybrid corn products. From parent creation to hybrid selection, Luther is the only end-to-end prediction platform for breeding. When it comes to corn, our goal is to predict the future.